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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New Sri Lankan Female Models Photos

The most beautiful girl in the world...

She wears high heel shoes... Denim Jeans.....

Who is she?

She is the most beautiful girl in the world....

She is like fire..... She is a dream.....

Who is she?

She is the most beautiful girl in the world.....

She is crazy..... and she's a blonde.....

Who is she?

She is the most beautiful girl in the world.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Sri Lankan Models

Some more new photos of beautiful Sri Lankan female models received today. I will update these photos daily, hope you will keep in touch with my updates.

Congratulations to Miss. Nadeeka Perera and welcome home.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Art

I went to her, she is like an art

My heart goes away, i cant take my breathe in,

Sri Lankan girls are so beautiful

Isn't it?

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Fashion and Money

Fashion is always talking on money, Specially women fashion industry is a billion dollar industry in other countries like Paris.

In Sri Lanka, Yes there are world class models and it is a proud to Sri Lanka.

But the fashion industry is still not in the world class, even our lots of models are not in the standards of a female model.

What you think about female models in Sri Lanka?

How to be a model?

If you want to be a fashion model, what you should do? In Sri Lanka, it is easy. Even you don't want to be beautiful or have the right figure.

I seen lots of Sri Lanka top class female models are worst than a girl working in a textile shop.

So, what is the reason?

If you have the right attitude, yes that's it, you can be a model. You know what I mean attitude.

Other qualities are be a close friend with your director, be social (I mean over social) and some little other things.

It is easy to be a top class female model in Sri Lanka.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Dear girls, there is a trap
You will catch at once
He will make you happy, but
You have to pay it, from your tears
He will give you many gifts
You have to return your life, so
Think, Think, Think more and more
One day you have a chance,
To be a queen of someone's heart
Wait for that
You have to loose everything!!!

Glad that you left

At first I felt lonely not knowing, what to do without you,
The familiar routine of life was gone,
What was left was all new to me,
Your friends left wit you,
They never stayed by my side,
Once dependence on you was frightening,
Then the new found independence was incomprehensible,
Telling my self that you left to fulfil your dreams,
I lived one day at a time,
It took time but I carried on,
Now independence is existing and thrilling,
I don't feel suffocated any more like I used to feel,
When I was confided in your space and in your world,
I made new friends and found new horizons,
To explore in,
Now I am glad that you left

by B.N. Dharmasena

Friday, August 10, 2007

Like you are my life.

Even you be with me like I am your life, when you go away from me, you will only remember all these beautiful dream world only a short time. Then you will forget all my love.

If that is the nature of love, why it gives me all these hearts forever.

Where is the angel who wanted love? Did you think to abandon me at the beginning?

Oh, I will die, my heart is broken, I am bleeding.

I loved truly, but why all these hearts gave me forever?

If dead brings happiness to true love, I will get it. But not all these hearts forever.

Telephone Call

I will call you with my mobile phone, because I can't come to meet you. Do you really believe those lies other peoples told you about me?

Like waves in the sea, like sands on the shore, we were together.

Like the ship leaves the port you are going away from me.

I still remember you thought me the rythem of my first song. Where ever I go you came behind me with a candle on the hand.

You came first, and you are going. I still on the same place.

Just be happy all time, That's all I want.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

My Bride, I will take you to my castle

My bride, I will take you to my castle on lily flowers and silk carpet.

I will wear you a beautiful necklace made with stars and pearls.

I will make you smile like we did on our childhood at the beach.

Lets get lost in the calm sea with our little ship in the sunset.

When the moon rise, sound of your love will go over the sea with the music of fish.

Our dreams will go over the mountains again and again until our love is alive.

You are my life

I said, you are my life., I beg for your love, I wish for your lips, I hope I am in your heart.

Your blue eyes, your firing look, your smile, Oh my god... I wish if I am with you.

This age will not come back, Be mine, Be mine. We can walk on the clouds.

The young love is like fresh honey... We will not forget this love forever.

I will bring you the ultimate happiness of love.

Be my love, this age will never come back.

Old Days

Old days, I came to see you with full of happiness in my heart, but not I come to see you with lots of pain.


You promised me that you trust me like the rising sun.,

Then suddenly you start doubt me, it seems like you are looking for something to get away from me., like you want to be with some one else.

Even that if you will be happily lives after, I will give you anything but my life.

Some day you will understand that I was the only one who loved you truly, then tell some one, a friend then I can sleep in peace.

(Beautiful Sri Lankan model in a swimming pool, as you can see...! Do I need to tell you that?)

Saturday, August 4, 2007

The big fault

The love is the most beautiful biggest fault. You will never get an excuse. You saw me how is it, that's enough all heart you gave me.

I gone crazy when I am with you in the bed, your eyes were looks like cool fire.

I thought I will never look at another girl (female model in Sri Lanka), but now look what happened.

I am completely lost, It's you did all these to me.

(Sri Lankan Female Models have nothing to do with this)

We meet in the world of love

We meet in the world of love, we through with tears.

I still have your smell (like roasted chicken), what the hell, what have we talk on that day. When your mom and dad came across us, you did nothing, even your Tarzan (the dog) chasing me.

When all our hopes gone through, I still in pain.

I am drinking too much alcohol, do I?

(I mean what happened to all these pretty female models)

Why are you crying?

Tell me my dear beautiful white queen (What the hell), you are my life. Don't cry, don't let the tear drops fall on your blue eyes (Monkey eyes).

The first day I meet you, (It feel like hell), I saw an innocent in your eyes, I still hear (echo) your beautiful words you said to me on that day. (hey what you looking at stupid dick head).

I will protect you from our enemies (if we have any), I will hide you in my pants.

There is no way to break our love (please help me), It is you all behind my wins.

You are the rose on the sharp sword (Think about that), I am trying to pick that rose (if I don't have any other works).

There is only one bright star in the sky (I'm blind) and that is you.

That's it. All beautiful Sri Lankan Models.

Its a beautiful world

I heard in secret that you are going to abandon me today or tomorrow, very soon. I never did cheat you, I never lied to you, I never did anything wrong to you. I am wonder of your changes, I can't believe. What is wrong with you?

Are you crazy?

When you were alone, I was the only one being with you. Now you are going with another monkey-donkey man.

I hate you, I hate you.....

Stupid Girl.

(Hey this is not for the beautiful female Sri Lankan model ok)

She moves..!

Generally Sri Lankan girls are not blond, they are black heads. Why in US they say blonds are stupid. I've seen in many films and comedy dramas (english) blonde girls are used for supid characters. Even lots of blondes are stupid such as Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. That is not about what I think about blondes but this Sri Lankan Female models looks nice, but I don't know whether she is stupid or not. Oh it's nice, pretty... Enjoy!

This is Sri Lanka Female Models Photo Blog

Who is this girl? OK really I don't know about these models, in fact who wants to know. What we expect from a model is beautiful, a model is like an art, so an art need now words. Enjoy the photos.